There are no restrictions on Ghanaians and Non-Ghanaians buying property in Ghana.  However, the process can be very challenging at times. There are cases of multiple sales of the same property to more than one person.  Some properties are sometimes sold by unauthorized persons who cannot pass on good title to the new owners. These activities expose the purchasers to protracted court cases, assault by “land guards” and in many instances, extreme stress and loss of time and money.
In recent times persons relocating to Ghana have become major targets for these dishonest activities. We ourselves have had some of these bad experiences and so we know firsthand how frustrating and frightening it is.  
Like us, you expect to occupy and enjoy your property in peace and contentment once you buy it.  
Our role therefore in the property acquisition space in Ghana is to identify properties that are devoid of litigation and the associated frustrations accompanying the process. We have done extensive searches and other investigations to ensure that the properties we recommend to you are being sold by the legitimate owners or persons who have the authority to sell these properties and pass on good title to you.
Tell us your preference and we will find it for you.

Property Types

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