The Ackee

Ackee (Sapindaceae soapberry) is Jamaica’s national fruit and part of the country’s national dish (ackee and saltfish).
It is interesting to find that there are many Ackee trees scattered around Ghana. In Accra, the capital city, many trees are found along many of the main streets. There is a high concentration of trees along the streets in the Cantonments.  The Ackee tree was selected because of its robust nature and its ability to provide shade.
Ackee is classified as a fruit. It is not eaten widely in  Ghana. It is sometimes eaten raw in a few areas of Northern Ghana. The variety found in Ghana is what we call “butter Ackee”. This variety cooks very quickly and mashes out easily. It is therefore not ideal for canning. Jamaica has both species of Ackee – Butter and Cheese Ackee. Cheese Ackee is harder and holds its shape when cooked. It is, therefore, suitable for canning.

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