The Abeng

The Abeng spelt “Abɛn” in Twi, the Akan language of Ghana, is a horn made from the horn of an animal, usually the cow.
The Abeng is used to communicate during festivals and in ancient times during wars. Different sounds have different meanings which are known and recognized by the person the message is been sent to. The blowing of the Abeng could be a summon, a warning or giving information about an event.
In Jamaica, the Abeng is used by the Maroons for the same purposes as the Akans in Ghana.  The Maroons were slaves who ran away from the slave plantations to settle in the mountains. Their leader was a woman named Nanny. She was from the Akan tribe of Ghana. They used the Abeng to communicate across long distances between their various villages. They still use the Abeng to communicate today.

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